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Amanda Alligood

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Hi, I’m Amanda Alligood. I love helping Bucks & Montgomery County homeowners who have outgrown their current space find their forever home and turn it into the home of their dreams!

When our family was searching for our "forever home" I saw how overwhelming the process could be for people without experience in Real Estate. Especially if you have kids or work full time!

It's totally understandable and one reason many people stay where they are even if they're living uncomfortably in a house that's too small for them. The idea of packing up a house can feel like a mountain you're just not ready to climb! With over a decade of experience in home staging (which requires A LOT of packing) I can safely say with the right tools and support you can have a successful AND pleasant experience. Yes even you with the 5 kids, two dogs and six cats (peace be with you).

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Are you in a home that no longer fits your needs? Kids, pets, career, all these can make us rethink our current living situation. I get it, buying and selling a home at the same time can feel overwhelming but that's where I come in. My 5 week guide to buying and selling at the same time will help you feel confident moving forward! 

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From Anxious to Agreement of Sale in a Matter of Days!

"We worked with Amanda on the sale of a family estate. We were anxious to sell as we had spent a lot of time getting the home ready for market.

With Amanda's help we got a full price offer and were under contract in less than a week!"

— B&L (Philadelphia)

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