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Amanda Alligood

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Hey! I’m Amanda Alligood, wife, carpooling mom of three, home staging expert and home lover. 

Hi, I'm Amanda. As a Realtor I love helping homeowners with their goal of buying their forever home. When my husband and I started looking for our "move up" home I recognized very quickly how overwhelming the process must be for people that don't have my specific skill set. I believe with the right guidance and tools buying and selling at the same time can be exciting AND enjoyable experience. 

I became a real estate agent because I love helping people find a home that reflects how them personally and how they want to feel. With over a decade of experience in home staging, renovation and buying homes of my own I know how magical it can be when you find a home that reflects your vibe. 

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Dream home specialist 

Let's Have Fun

I'm passionate about creating a wonderful experience for buyers and sellers alike. Buying a home is an emotional experience. I mean it's one of the biggest purchases you'll likely make in your life! I want the memory and emotion attached to your forever home purchase to be positive and lasting. 

Making big decisions under stress is never a good idea. My goal is to guide you through the process in a way that leaves you feeling safe, secure and excited for the future. In our initial consultation we will talk through your dreams and how we can best accomplish your ultimate goal. Moving forward, you'll be guided with steps to get organized, packed, staged and sold! 

The Full Package

Working with me you'll get the full package. I spent over 10 years as the top home stager in Philadelphia before selling my company in 2020. I know what buyers are looking for and how to make sure any home makes a good first impression. Let's take the weight of getting your home ready to sell off your shoulders. 

On the buying side I bring a unique perspective with my design eye and home renovation experience. There's nothing worse than loving a home's location and bones but passing because you don't have the vision. Let's chat about how I can help you get your home ready to sell all while getting you into your forever home where you can make lasting memories for years to come! 

What my clients say about me

“Multiple offers and under contract in less than a week!"

"We worked with Amanda on the sale of a family estate. We were anxious to sell as we had spent a lot of time getting the home ready for market. With Amanda's help we were under contract in less than a week!"

—L&B, Philadelphia

Let Me Show You How You Can Do This Too!

My husband and I bought our second (long story) forever home in 2022 all while toting around a 2 yo, 5 yo and 8 year old. Oh and our old guy, Kona, he's a beagle but I'm pretty sure he identifies as human. All that to say, I know what you're going through. Moving with kids seems like a mountain you're not ready to climb. 
That's why having a full service Realtor, that's me,  in your corner is so important. We're going to come up with a step-by-step plan that fits your schedule and lifestyle. When you're busy adulting, there's not an abundance of time. That's why I'm going to help you create a roadmap to get you to your goal. Let's setup a consultation to see if my process will work for you.

Don't Do THIS Until You Talk To Me First

It happens time and time again, homeowners want to get their home "ready" before they have a Realtor see it. Don't let that be you! I have a proven system for getting homes buyer ready. Which by the way may also save you money. 
Don't be shy, schedule a consultation with me before you do anything. We are going to work together to figure out what you need to do first. You don't need to have it all figured out, sigh of relief right? 
In fact, if you're just starting to kick the idea around of moving in the next year or two, now is a good time for us to chat. 

Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to your very own home

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